Do you sometimes wonder whether manicures are truly necessary or worthwhile?

hand manicureYour hands are one of the first things that people see especially when reaching out for a hand shake. Remember, your hands are a part of your appearance and with regular maintenance can do wonders for your self-confidence. Let your manicurist know exactly what you need. A professional manicurist will attend to any concern you may have about your nails and will leave you feeling comfortable and worry-free.

Have you ever attended a business event or worked in a business environment and felt self-conscious about the appearance of your nails? Take the time to groom your nails and feel confident again.

Nowadays the manicure is not just for an aesthetic benefit. More emphasis is now given to correct preparation of the nail such as removing the cuticle (eponychium) and applying

a variety of creams and oils in order to maintain a healthy balance of oils on and around nail bed.

Be Careful…While you might like to think that your nail salon of choice is up to par on sanitation, you could be dangerously wrong. It’s as easy as cutting one’s nail (and oops! a little bit of their skin at the same time) and then using that same set of clippers, that haven’t been cleaned properly – or at all – on you. That action can spread several scary infections.

Let a manicurist give your hands the nurturing care they deserve and provide you with the desired look you are looking for.

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Gel French Manicure

Looking for a more dramatic look? Try adding some nail art or gel colors to enhance the look of your nails or go professional and try adding a French tip to your nails.

Shellac Manicure as a longer lasting manicure

shellac manicureAsk our manicure specialist about the new Shellac nails and go two or more weeks without stressing about chipping or denting. Choose from a variety of shades, or enjoy a clean look with a clear coat.

Remember, manicures are provided for men, women, and kids, so allow your-self to relax and get pampered. Take care of your nails and enjoy the experience!