Anti-aging Vitamin A Plus Facial


Erase the damage done by the sun with Jan Marini Anti-aging Facial.  This advanced treatment combines retinol, peptides and antioxidants for superior improvement in the appearance of skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage for younger, healthier looking skin.


Micro needling is a natural treatment to improve your skin texture, smooth wrinkles, and soften scars.

This treatment promotes the natural reproduction of collagen and elastin, making the skin feel smoother and tighter.  Creating only microscopic punctures in the epidermis, skin needling is minimally invasive with little damage to the epidermis which means the collagen production is significantly quicker than some other more aggressive treatments. It is suitable for all skin types and all areas of the face, neck, decolte and hands.

Full Face: $350.00

Full Face and Neck: $450.00

Decollete: $350.00

Face/Neck/Decollete: $600.00

25% off (Pkg of 3)


Meet Gary

Our Acupuncturist

“Are you aging earlier than it suppose to be?  I help people restore balance through acupuncture so that they can reclaim their strength,  youth,  and healing power.

If you are suffering from pains or other chronic ailment,  and open to the possibility of natural healing,  I welcome you to my practice.

Pucker up…
Love your lips and lose those lines…
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Rosacea Laser Treatment

This Laser Treatment is a non-surgical option to remove damaged and broken capillaries that contribute to both the redness and swelling of the skin. 

25% off any package of 3


Meet Maria

    Our Laser Technician

 Highly trained and certified by BC ACADEMY OF MEDICAL AESTHETICS OF SKINCARE INC. BY Dr. Dariush Honardoust, PhD., University of British Columbia and Dr. Amr Fathy. Maria is very knowledgeable and experienced.  She is also trained on the latest technology lasers (Quanta Elos light series 4V)