Three Simple Steps


The Personal Skin Roller both STIMULATES the skin and actively prepares the surface. Rolling increases microcirculation, boosts oxygenation and creates thousands of micro-causeways which allow the vital nutrients to be easily infused.


The Revitalization Serum NOURISHES the skin with all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and natural nutrients it needs. Increased absorption, via exposed micro-channels, translates into improved results and greater overall skin health.


The essential face oil completes the process and serves to protect the skin and restore the lipid barrier.  This important step allows the skin to properly heal and repair itself and insure that the rejuvenation process remains fully active and lovingly unencumbered.

Full Face: $350.00

Full Face and Neck: $450.00

Decollete: $350.00

Face/Neck/Decollete: $600.00