Do you have Rosacea?

rosacea before afterYou may be wondering if the red bumps on your face that appear periodically is acne at your age (over 30) or something that nobody knows anything about until they are diagnosed with this non-curable condition call Rosacea.

Hi, my name is Rosa Chiesa and I am a professional skincare therapist who has Rosacea. I have been working at Head to Toes Spa, helping people with Rosacea for over 12 years.

Rosacea is considered a chronic (long-term), non curable skin condition with periodic ups and downs. It is a common red, acne – like skin condition that affects many people world-wide. Usually they are Caucasian and have fair skin between the ages of 30-60 years old.

The main symptoms of Rosacea include red or pink patches, visible tiny broken blood vessels, small red bumps or red cysts. The redness in Rosacea, often aggravated by flushing, may cause small blood vessels in the face to enlarge (dilate) and become more visible through the skin. Continual or repeated flushing may prone inflammation, causing small red bumps that often resemble teenage acne.

Did you know that 70% of Rosacea patients said it lowered their self-confidence and self-esteem. 41% said that the condition caused them to avoid public contact or cancel social engagements.

There is no curable treatment for Rosacea, but it is definitely controllable.

Rosacea can be controlled by proper skin care.

Use a barrier-repair product which is more than a moisturizer. This product helps repair the skin. Studies have shown that applying a barrier-repair emollient twice a day can help diminish Rosacea because an emollient softens the skin and coats it to stop water loss. One dermatologist found that patients who used a barrier-repair emollient for one year regained a normal flush response and had little or no redness.

Nobody knows the cause of Rosacea, but sun damage is a high probability. Wearing a sunscreen everyday can reduce flare ups. Choosing the right sunscreen is also very important because some products that contain alcohol and fragrance can cause worse burning and itching.

Mineral Makeup For Rosacea

During flare-ups, you can safely and naturally cover your skin. Please choose your make-up with care. Jane Iredale – known as THE SKIN CARE MINERAL MAKE-UP, line is so safe and beneficial to use that it is recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists throughout the world. It is anti-inflammatory and helps to calm and soothe irritated skin and helps speed SKIN HEALING.

I will be happy to share more of my experiences with you. Please feel free to call me or any of my skin care therapists to help assist you with any of your skin care concerns.