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New You Transformation…next door

Meet Rish Koya… Kettlebell Instructor Extraordinaire, and Transformation Specialist!

We at Head to Toes Spa are delighted to announce Rish Koya and his wonderful team of kettlebell instructors have joined us at our Wellness Centre!

Click here to view a special video” hi” from Rish and friends!

The Kettlebell originated in Russia centuries ago. It is a simple but effective training tool and when used properly can help lose fat, gain lean muscle, and build amazing cardio in a very short period. The Russian Army uses Kettlebells to help train its soldiers, and during the 1972 Olympics when Team Russia dominated the world it came to light that their athletes cross trained heavily with Kettlebells. While Kettlebells are common in Russia they are still very new to North America.

Rish Koya’s Training Methodology has been specially designed to help people of all ages and body types to develop the lean, sleek muscle we all desire. He believes in achieving results fast; his typical student has a 10 to 15 lb transformation in the first six weeks alone! To read more about Rish Koya click here

Check out their new schedule, which now includes yoga, starting in September 2014

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